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GET Wikipedia

Get Results From Wikipedia About Any Topic

word: query for getting results from wikipedia (string)
summary-length: length of the summary. Max 20 (integer)

EXAMPLE: https://allin1-api.glique.repl.co/wikipedia?word=pokemon&length=20


GET MultiAnime

Get Inforamtion about anime and characters.

type: There Are two types anime and characters. For Anime info select anime and for character info select char. (string)
q: Anime name or character name. (string)

ANIME EXAMPLE: https://allin1-api.glique.repl.co/multianime?type=anime&q=pokemon
CHARACTER EXAMPLE: https://allin1-api.glique.repl.co/multianime?type=char&q=ash ketchum

Anime Test Character Test

GET AniTions(*Anime Actions)

Get the gifs of choosen anime actions.

action: bully, cuddle, cry, hug, awoo, kiss, lick, pat, smug, bonk, yeet, blush, smile, highfive, handhold, nom, bite, glomp, slap, kill, kick, happy, wink, poke, dance, cringe. (string)
We will take "dance" action for the example.

DANCE EXAMPLE: https://allin1-api.glique.repl.co/anitions?action=dance
Dance Test

GET Wolframalpha

It can do math calculations, give geographical informations, science, technology and everyday life.

q: Query You want to get information about. (string)

EXAMPLE: https://allin1-api.glique.repl.co/wolframalpha?q=5^2+25-(25+25)

GET Roblox

Get User information.

username: username of the user You want to get information about. (string)

EXAMPLE: https://allin1-api.glique.repl.co/roblox?user=oOFreEkiNgOo

QrCode Gen
GET QRCode Generator

Make a Custom QRCode.

query: Query TO Make The QRCode. (string)

EXAMPLE: https://allin1-api.glique.repl.co/qrgen?q=Hey Welcome to the All In 1 API https://allin1-api.glique.repl.co/